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Registered in 2015, CRISP Consultancies is a Pakistan based development consultancy. CRISP works on international and national projects re-defining national and institutional strategies, capacity building and assessments, and working on innovative projects in disaster management, rural development, social protection, enterprise development, and microfinance.

CRISP achieves its goals through innovative thinking, working through a multi-disciplinary and international perspective which links research with practice. More details can be found free slots. CRISP draws on its dedicated full time team of project managers, economists, statisticians, engineers, business strategists, environmentalists, financial advisors, health and education specialists, and development policy advisors for technical inputs and guidance on all projects undertaken. This team is made up of some of the top professionals within their sectors in the country.

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Members of the Senior Management Team have 12 years of experience working within the development sector as a part of donor-led and community-led programmes. CRISP has extensive experience of working with both UN Agencies/INGOs and all levels of government.

Organizational Structure